Adhesive Taping

Adhesive taping goes by many different names: Peel-N-Stick tape, transfer tape, stick it tape, and many others. Whatever name you like, you'll love the options at Finishbinders. We have a large number of tape options and sizes in addition to multiple equipment options. Finishbinders is able to handle a wide range of in-line and off-line projects.


Credit cards, magnets, and die cut pieces are a few of the attaching possibilities we offer along with fugitive and permanent glues.


Multiple drilling machines for all types and sizes of drilling are available. We offer 1-hole calendar, 3-hole standard, 5-hole automotive, unlimited custom patterns, and a wide array of hole sizes.


Finish strong with eyeletting at Finishbinders. Eyelet spin charts, graphs, promotional pieces, and book spines. Brass and nickel eyelets are available. Eyeletting adds a very unique look to a wide array of printed products.


Polybag and mail in one automated process. Finishbinders offers a high-speed Sitma line.

Sheet & Board Mounting

Mount board to board or sheet to board. Finishbinders maintains an inventory of various boards on site. Available options include easels of all variations: single-wing, double-wing, custom shapes, and custom sizes.

Shrink Wrapping

Shrink wrapping is available for all sizes, shapes, and film options.

Round Cornering

Available options include round corner sheets, books, business cards, and brochures. Various radius options are available.

Handwork, Hand Bindery

Professionally trained crews handle the wide array of projects where automation just won't cut it. It's last on our service list but first when you need to tackle that special job.